The Tong Memorial Garden Project

We call it the "Tong Memorial Garden Project" because it started as a humourous, but sincere, idea to remember Mum and Dad Tong. We thought first of having a garden seat with their names on a plaque, as we see in British public parks. But since we have been discussing for years that we needed to replace the garage and to "do something" about our small backyard with it's impossible grass, the park bench grew into plans for a garden shed and a landscaped garden.

Yes, we could have gone to Home Depot and just bought a shed, but this isn't any shed. Remember it's a Tong Memorial Shed.

Those who have attended our parties and BBQs will remember sitting in the garden looking at all the rubbish in the garage. Now it's all be behind French doors.

Work started in late August, 2002 and we finished in late August 2003. A year almost to the day!

The garden is fabluous and well worth the wait. The photographs don't do it justice, so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see it for yourself.

Richard and Margaret.



Construction (2002)


Last modified: Tue, Sep 2, 2003